All Things (My Two Fish)

"All Things (My Two Fish)" communicates the struggles of loss as well as the fever of love. Recording began in the fall of 2006, after Ali Wesley had just experienced both the traumatic loss of a loved one and the passionate beginnings of a new life.

In producing this album, the goal was to create a collection of songs which revealed this particular time period of life. The lyrics are delivered as if from a secret journal entry, quietly examining the conflict that comes along with such restlessness.

Ali Wesley combines the darling honesty of Regina Spektor, the fragility of Mazzy Star and crisp vocals soaring above acoustic guitar and delicately placed harmonies. Such musical guests as Jay Mallison, Rob Bartleson and John Vecchiarelli are featured on the recordings and their beautifully placed musical additions were as vital as their presence on the album.

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